Nine New European Trips to Take in 2019

A hike to the Kallur lighthouse on Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands.    Photo by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino/Moment RF/Getty Images

A hike to the Kallur lighthouse on Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands.

Photo by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino/Moment RF/Getty Images

We’re keeping it exclusively Old Continent for this year’s Where to Go Next collection. Of course, there are already plenty of reasons to hop the pond and explore, but these destinations feel fresh, exciting, and even a little bit undiscovered. Guided by insight and expertise from Virtuoso travel advisors, we’re making the case for beyond-the-classics Europe in 2019. 

| 1 | Faroe Islands

This rugged Danish archipelago in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Scandinavia is home to more sheep (70,000) than people (50,000), and it’s drawing visitors seeking starkly ethereal landscapes away from the crowds descending on Reykjavík. “Coupled with the stunning beauty are the warm and friendly Faroese, which makes these islands a special place to visit,” says Thornhill, Ontario-based Virtuoso travel advisor Zilla Parker. Adrenaline seekers and wildlife buffs go for the vast hiking trails and close encounters with puffins, kittiwakes, and gannets, but the remote region is also, surprisingly, a bit of a foodie haven: Travelers trek to this edge-of-the-world outpost to eat at Michelin- starred Koks, a 30-minute drive from the capital of Tórshavn. The restaurant’s 17- to 21-course tasting menu exemplifies Faroese cuisine, which features foraged sea urchins, fermented lamb, and salted cod, among other Nordic delicacies. Your advisor can work with The Travel Designer, a Virtuoso on-site tour connection in Scandinavia, to create a custom journey through the islands.

The Drangarnir sea stacks, off the coast of Vágar in the Faroe Islands.    Photo by Franck Reporter/Getty Images

The Drangarnir sea stacks, off the coast of Vágar in the Faroe Islands.

Photo by Franck Reporter/Getty Images

| 2 | Warsaw, Poland

The Polish capital is becoming one of Europe’s hippest destinations for 2019. “The city has shed its dark past and transformed into a fun, cultural place with much to offer global travelers,” says Chester, UK-based advisor Claire Parsons. Explore the easily walkable Old Town and its surrounding museums, including the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews; take in an alfresco summer concert featuring the music of Warsaw native Frédéric Chopin at Łazienki Park; and dive into the city’s impressive dining scene. “You have to try a traditional paçzek doughnut; the best are from the Zagoździński bakery in the Wola district,” Parsons says. Last year’s opening of the 106-room Raffles Europejski Warsaw upped the city’s accommodations game: The revived neo-Renaissance grande dame dates to 1857, but has been updated with a contemporary edge and a nearly 500-piece Polish art collection.

Golden hour in Old Town Warsaw’s Castle Square.    Photo by NumberSix/GettyImages

Golden hour in Old Town Warsaw’s Castle Square.

Photo by NumberSix/GettyImages

| 3 | Lake Geneva, Switzerland

The terraced vineyards of Lavaux are some of the world’s most attractive – situated on a steep slope of Lake Geneva’s north shore in French-speaking Switzerland, they overlook the Alps – and some of the most storied too. Here, winemakers have been tending to Chasselas grapes since the eleventh century; roughly every 20 years since 1797, they honor tradition and history during the Fête des Vignerons, a theatrical spectacle featuring a cast of 5,500 locals, set in a lakeside stadium in Vevey. This year’s celebration, held July 18 through August 11, promises to draw wine connoisseurs from around the globe, who will find pageantry and parades – plus a chance to taste a varietal that’s rarely exported. Lausanne’s 168-room Beau-Rivage Palace (14 minutes from Vevey by train) has secured premium tickets, and its forward-thinking concierge team ensures that guests not only have access to the event, but also know how to navigate it.  – Megan Padilla

At 1,977 acres, Lavaux is the largest contiguous wine region in Switzerland.    Photo by Aurora Open/Getty Images

At 1,977 acres, Lavaux is the largest contiguous wine region in Switzerland.

Photo by Aurora Open/Getty Images

| 4 | Istanbul, Turkey

It’s been a rough few years for this continent-straddling Turkish city, but Istanbul tourism is back and embracing the future. “Istanbul is bristling with new buildings, and its vibrant and affluent center is full of beautiful people,” says Peter Lloyd, an Atlanta-based Virtuoso advisor. Istanbul’s European side, west of the Bosphorus, showcases the city’s past and present, from the seventeenth-century Blue Mosque to a modern-art installation inside the ancient Theodosius Cistern, and Bomontiada, a former beer factory turned art gallery and entertainment complex in Bomonti. It’s easier to arrive here than ever before: the new Istanbul Airport, which opened its first section late last year, will become one of the world’s busiest, and later this year an expanded cruise terminal is set to debut in Karaköy. Cruise ships are returning to the city after a three-year hiatus, including Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ 700-passenger Seven Seas Voyager, on an 11-day Athens-to-Barcelona sailing– Lisa Morrow

Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque for the hue of its interior tiles.    Photo by Room RF/Getty Images

Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque for the hue of its interior tiles.

Photo by Room RF/Getty Images

| 5 | The Peloponnese, Greece

A little more than an hour’s drive west of Athens and a million light-years from the cruise-ship crowds on Mykonos, the Peloponnese packs a dizzying mix of vineyards, beaches, and UNESCO-designated sites into a dreamy stretch of southern Greece. Atlanta- and Brussels-based travel advisor Marina Kiriazis likes to move the mountainous peninsula out of the history books and onto itineraries, offering travelers more of the country to sample beyond its famed isles. (“Greece is joining the likes of Italy, France, and Spain in having appeal for repeat visitors,” Kiriazis says.) While the Peloponnese is best known as the site of the ancient city of Olympia, travelers can also hike through gorges, bike around vineyards and olive groves, and take a cooking lesson with a local yiayia (grandma). Artisans of Leisure’s private, ten-day tour provides a little bit of everything: a few nights in Athens and Santorini, plus a stay in the Peloponnese at the gorgeous 50-room Amanzoe

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, which still hosts performances today.    Photo by Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, which still hosts performances today.

Photo by Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

| 6 | Priorat, Spain

While they’re not as globally renowned as Rioja, the sultry, multifaceted reds from Priorat, a rocky swath of Catalonia southwest of Barcelona, have long been on connoisseurs’ radars – and now the rest of the world is catching up. “An energetic group of young winemakers has earned the region a reputation as one of Spain’s most innovative,” says Andrew De Angelis, a travel advisor from Calgary, Alberta. “The area’s pristine natural beauty, distinctive terroir, and abundance of sunshine make it a great place to visit on a winetasting excursion.” Your advisor can work with Valesa Cultural Services, a Virtuoso on-site tour connection in Spain, to customize a just-launched jaunt through Priorat. Travelers will visit an olive grove, take cooking classes with local chefs, and tour top local wineries such as Scala Dei, which dates back to the twelfth century. 

Vineyards near the Costa Daurada in Priorat, Spain.    Photo by Tim E. White/Alamy

Vineyards near the Costa Daurada in Priorat, Spain.

Photo by Tim E. White/Alamy

| 7 | Coastal Croatia

Croatia is (still) having a moment: It’s the No. 2 emerging global destination, according to this year’s Virtuoso Luxe Report, a trends survey of more than 1,000 Virtuoso travel advisors. Leave the Game of Thrones devotees to make their pilgrimages through Dubrovnik’s city walls; for everyone else, one of the best ways to explore this diverse country is by ship. “Cruising the Dalmatian coast is an experience that needs to be on your list,” says Becky Robinson, a travel advisor from Austin, Texas. “The Croatian coast is lush with vegetation, and many charming small islands dot the coastline.” Case in point: the breathtaking isle of Hvar, with its stately Venetian fortress, and Zadar, an uncrowded coastal city that Alfred Hitchcock once proclaimed to have the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Cruise lines have noticed this surge in interest and responded by adding fresh itineraries and ships. An eight-day, round-trip-from-Venice sailing on Azamara Club Cruises’ new 690-passenger Azamara Pursuit calls on all of the above, plus the picturesque port towns of Rijeka and Split.

A retreat for sailboats in Zadar, Croatia.    Photo by Hemis/Alamy

A retreat for sailboats in Zadar, Croatia.

Photo by Hemis/Alamy

| 8 | Arles, France

Beyond the Roman ruins and cobblestoned lanes, there’s a stylish air to this Provençal town. The centerpiece of its new Luma Arles arts complex – a Frank Gehry-designed tower sheathed in 10,000 glistening steel panels – will open in 2020. (Other parts of Luma, housed near the old Parc des Ateliers railroad, are set to open this year.) The $175 million complex may help make Arles a global arts capital, an idea whose roots were laid down more than a century ago: Vincent van Gogh retreated to Arles for 15 months in the late 1880s and wanted to create an artists’ colony in the town. “This is true France,” says Beverly Hills, California-based advisor Howard Lewis, who believes there’s no better way to experience the French lifestyle than at Arles’ vibrant Saturday market: “The aromas are overwhelming, and even though you may not understand French, you can’t help but laugh at the play-by-play between sellers and customers.” Explore the town from the 39-room Domaine de Manville, a quintessential French country retreat in Les Baux-de-Provence, a 30-minute drive away. 

Afternoon strolls in the heart of Arles.    Photo by Picavet/Getty Images

Afternoon strolls in the heart of Arles.

Photo by Picavet/Getty Images

| 9 | Ischia, Italy

While literary phenom Elena Ferrante, the pseudonymous author of the acclaimed Neapolitan novels, prefers to remain anonymous, she’s managed to put one of Italy’s most beguiling corners firmly on the map. “Elena, the main character in the Neapolitan novels, stays in Barano and goes to Maronti, one of Ischia’s most beautiful beaches,” says Trento, Italy-based travel advisor Anna Mariotti of the volcanic isle in the Bay of Naples. With the recent debut of HBO’s miniseries My Brilliant Friend, based on Ferrante’s work, Ischia’s many charms are attracting an even wider audience. At the 54-room Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, a new experience lets literary-minded guests explore Naples, Ischia, and Procida through Ferrante’s eyes, visiting places made famous by her prose. Don’t stop there, Mariotti says: Ischia’s thermal spas, including Giardini Poseidon Terme and Parco Termale Castiglione, are musts for wellness-minded travelers. 

A proper post-Ferrante-tour wind-down: Ischia’s Giardini Poseidon Terme.    Photo by Morozova Oxana/Agefoto Stock

A proper post-Ferrante-tour wind-down: Ischia’s Giardini Poseidon Terme.

Photo by Morozova Oxana/Agefoto Stock

Original article from Virtuoso Escapes, by Sarah Khan, Lisa Morrow, and Megan Padilla

Presenting the Virtuoso Best of the Best



There’s no such thing as the best trip, only the trip that’s best for you, and it all starts with where you stay. When you’re ready to get away, for a couple of nights or a couple of weeks, Trans World Travel is here to help. The hotels & resorts in this directory are the best of the best - let us help you find the one that’s best for you.

As a Virtuoso travel advisor, when you book a virtuoso property with TWT, no matter where you stay, you’ll enjoy these exclusive amenities:


5 TRIPS of a Lifetime

Polar cruises and deep cultural dives highlight these high-five bucket list trips.

By Elaine Glusac

Silversea Cruises pays a visit to some of Antarctica’s residents

Silversea Cruises pays a visit to some of Antarctica’s residents

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.31.48 pm.png
Seal - Antarctica.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.30.31 pm.png



Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.32.06 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.32.11 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.31.10 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.31.22 pm.png

"In RM’s Footsteps" A Luxury Outback Adventure

Our Virtuoso supplier, The Tailor - in conjunction with R.M.Williams - has designed the ultimate tribute to RM Williams, a legend of the Australian Outback and the creator of the iconic clothing brand. In RM’s Footsteps is a 3 day 2 night journey which traces the personal history of RM Williams, telling the story of how he created the famous leather boots now sold around the world.


This amazing Australian outback travel experience offers guests a rare opportunity to explore the legend of RM Williams by visiting several magnificent Outback destinations, such as the Flinders Ranges and Lake Eyre, enjoying traditional country hospitality and eating delicious regional cuisine. Guests travel in ultimate luxury aboard a Swiss-built Pilatus PC12 aircraft. Numbers are strictly limited to no more than 8 passengers, plus a private guide, to ensure that each trip is truly memorable.



  • Fly in a brand new state of art Pilatus PC12 or a Beechcraft King Air B200
  • Hosted by fourth generation station owners
  • Exclusive access and private tour of R.M. Williams workshop
  • Choose your own pair R.M.Williams craftsmen boots and have them fitted at the famous Percy Street store
  • Stay at The Prairie Hotel, the famous Outback pub
  • Incredible scenic flight over Lake Eyre
  • Escorted cruise on the Cooper Creek (season permitting) or an Innamincka Township Tour
  • Tour of Nilpena Station and heritage-listed Ediacara fossils

Tours dates for 2018:

  • Friday 29th June to Sunday 1st July 2018
  • Friday 27th July to Sunday 29th July 2018
  • Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September 2018
  • Friday 28th September to Sunday 30th September 2018


Departures are available specific dates or upon request mid-week for a private group. The tour starts on Friday morning at Mayfair Hotel Adelaide and concludes on a Sunday at the Adelaide General Aviation terminal at approximately 5:00pm.


For full itinerary & details please get in touch!


Images courtesy of The Tailor

Pick your travel passion: The 2018 Virtuoso Ideas Book

Looking for inspiration for your next getaway? The new Virtuoso Ideas Book showcases what’s trending in travel today: You’ll find horseback rides and family cooking classes, countryside spa retreats and multicourse tasting menus at sea. No matter your interest – whether it’s wellness, adventure, family travel, or cruising – the hotels, destinations, cruise lines, and tour operators on these pages can work with your travel advisor to craft a great itinerary. Flip through for ideas, then turn your travel passion into a plan.


Click here to read on > Virtuoso 2018 Ideas Book - Experiential Travel For Everyone

Six Senses Fiji - Opening April 14th, 2018

Six Senses Fiji is delighted to announce their official opening date, 14th April 2018. We have an exclusive Opening Offer available to our clients, as part of our Magellan network. Get in touch with one of our staff for exact rates.


Six Senses Fiji

Six Senses Fiji is found on one of the most dramatically beautiful isles in the 333-island nation with consistently warm tropical weather making the resort an ideal year-round destination. The 120-acre (48.5-hectare) site encompasses an expansive
and beautiful sandy bay bounded by rocky headlands on each end and highlighted
by a spectacular white sandy beach for guests. Six Senses Fiji is anchored with two marinas. The resort and residences are ideal for ocean enthusiasts looking for their own tropical paradise but with all the comforts and amenities of home. The entire development is framed by massive prehistoric Baka trees and the dramatic Malolo Hill in the middle of the island.



Six Senses Fiji offers 24 spacious villas all with private pools. Resort Villas range in size from 110 to 150 square meters, including interior and exterior space. There are also 60 luxury residences (three-, four- and five- bedroom configurations), which will be developed in stages over the coming years. These luxury residences are also part of Six Senses Fiji’s extraordinary accommodation offering. The 60 residences vary in size, averaging from approximately 600 to 1,000 square meters of interior and exterior space, all with private pools, fully equipped kitchens and sun decks, situated on the west side of the island overlooking Vunabaka Bay. The 60 residences and all facilities will be 100 percent solar powered by the first microgrid in Fiji to use Tesla batteries.



• Wooden sun deck with private pool
• Naturalmat organic bed
• Locally-inspired amenities
• Outdoor shower
• Flat panel television with satellite channels
• Sound system
• Personal safe
• Wireless Internet ( fiber optic)
• Private wine fridge and minibar
• Yoga mat
• Guest Experience Maker (GEM) service



• Helicopter or Six Senses speedboat transfer (helipad on-site)
• Guest Experience Maker (GEM) service
• In-villa dining
• On-site nurse
• Multilingual hosts • Laundry service
• Six Senses Spa
• Daily yoga
• Fitness center and personal trainer
• Library with wireless Internet access, a wide selection of books, magazines and DVDs
• Boutique with selected designer casual clothing and swimwear, local artwork and accessories
• Experiences Center providing a wide range of daily activities within the resort plus PADI diving certification, water sports and excursions • Surf Academy by Tropic Surf
• Kokosi Kids Club
• Tennis court
• Babysitting upon request



Select from ve food and beverage dining venues.

Tovolea Restaurant

Set in the middle of the resort and overlooking the ocean,
the restaurant’s breakfast menu offers a generous continental display featuring organic ingredients and seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in the resort’s gardens or sourced from local farmers. A premium a la carte menu is also available featuring gourmet hot dishes to accompany the continental options. The lunch offering is a range of tapas, raw and healthy dishes. Dinner features a daily changing menu of grilled items, fresh local seafood and Fijian inspired cuisine.

RaRa Café and Bar

Offering marina views, menus include an array of classic cafe dishes and ASEAN specialties. Locally inspired and sustainably sourced, the cuisine features ingredients grown onsite in the organic market gardens and sourced from local farmers, markets and shermen. Kick back with a tasty dish and signature cocktail or a homemade ginger beer while watching the world go by – Fiji style.

Gourmet Deli

An open plan deli market in the RaRa Café and Bar features a wide range of snacks, produce and gourmet items perfect for refreshments in your villa or to prepare a cooked meal in your residence. The Gourmet Deli is also home to the ice-creamery and boutique.

TeiTei Pizzeria

An interactive dining experience, TeiTei Pizzeria is located opposite RaRa Café and Bar near the herb gardens and right alongside the outdoor cinema. Guests are invited to interact with the resort’s talented chefs as they prepare individual mouth-watering pizzas.

Tovolea Bar and Lounge

There is always time for a cocktail. Adjoining Tovolea Restaurant at the center of the resort, Tovolea Bar and Lounge offers bespoke cocktails with ocean and sunset views that must be seen to be believed.



Cooking Classes

Learn the art of preparing dishes with the freshest local ingredients including sh, exotic fruits and vegetables as guided by our talented chefs.

KaloKalo Cinema

Six Senses presents lm favorites on the big screen beneath the stars.

Water Sports Activities

A host of options including sailing, jet-ski safaris, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), water skiing, island-hopping, sunset cruises, local village tours and a Nadi daytrip.

Surf Academy by Tropic Surf

Discover the joy of sur ng or take a class to enhance your sur ng technique on some of the world’s best waves.

Snorkeling and Diving

Discover the magical underwater world. Just in front of
the resort and accessible from the beach is a vibrant house- reef teaming with marine life where a whole new marine fantasy will be discovered. Scuba diving is also available and provided by Subsurface Scuba Divers.


Enjoy a morning sail to a deserted island for a picnic and snorkel or watch a beautiful Paci c sunset on an afternoon excursion aboard our 28-foot (8.5-meter) high-performance catamaran. Available for private charters and excursions.

Walking Tracks on Malolo

Discover the island’s scenic and inspirational walking tracks including the option to scale the highest peak of the island.



Six Senses Spa Fiji is featured within the resort’s Wellness Village, where guests enjoy a layered approach to wellness. Treatments go beyond the ordinary, combining an intuitive mix of science and human awareness. The spa, which covers an area of 35,660 square feet (3,313 square meters), offers a high-tech and high-touch approach de ning a service that is crafted around the individual. In addition to the treatment rooms it includes an innovative Alchemy Bar and a relaxation lounge with sauna, steam, cold plunge and hot plunge pool. Complimentary activities are offered seven days per week.

The spa features the multidimensional Six Senses Integrated Wellness program that starts with a wellness assessment which evaluates a number of different and important bio-markers. Results allow the spa team to determine and suggest behavioral and lifestyle adjustments and create a personalized program based on the needs of the guest. Created by the Six Senses Spa team along with respected medical doctors who form the Six Senses Wellness Board: Dr. Michael Breus for sleep, Dr. Steven Gundry

for nutrition and Dr. Mehmet Oz for overall health; each guest’s personalized program may include spa treatments, exercise, yoga, meditation, Eat With Six Senses, sleep tips and guidance.


6 Wellness Trends FOR 2018

By Nadine Jolie Courtney


Blackberry Farm, Tennessee. 

Blackberry Farm, Tennessee. 

Wellness travel might have once been a niche trend but the ever-growing popularity of hotel programmes, retreats and specialists make it clear: The category is here to stay. 


Visiting Masters

Many destinations offer guests an opportunity to learn from top-of-their-field gurus – visiting chefs, athletes, healers, teachers, doctors and even Buddhist monks – who fly in to guide travellers toward spiritual healing, healthier habits and elevated skills. Sessions run the gamut from sleep training with world-famous CEOS to food prep with Michelin-star chefs.

Sugar Detox

High-end spa and wellness resorts offer sugar-free detox diets, where the purge delivers on a promise of clearer skin, a more efficient digestive system, and increased energy. 
Sugar-free diets are high in fat and protein, designed to leave guests sated despite the restrictions. To complement the nutrition component, programmes include a bevy of activities like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, energy healing and massage, making it easy (enough) to forget that you cannot have a slice of cake for dessert. 

Six Senses Yao Noi, Thailand. 

Six Senses Yao Noi, Thailand. 


Grief Retreats

With age comes maturity, wisdom, financial security … and all too frequently, a reminder of mortality as loved ones begin passing away. Enter the grief getaway: a journey to find solace and healing. 

“I find my clients asking for a spa holiday when they have just experienced the loss of a family member or a tragic event in their life”, says Lynne Adams, a Virtuoso advisor. “They need that week away to regenerate because day-to-day life can be so stressful.” Not all are mourning literal loss, but maybe a life change, such as a divorce or an empty nest when the last kid goes off to college.


Medical Testing

Gone are the days of spas garnering praise for mere stress-relief and relaxation benefits. Now, a hard-science medical component is en vogue. 
At these centres – equal parts relaxing and regenerative – highly-trained specialists run a battery of tests to determine not just what ails you, but also how elusive issues might be specifically treated. After identifying the best course of action, facilities offer a personalised programme – frequently including customised diets based on DNA and blood type.


Sleep Therapy and Sleep Recovery

Sleep deprivation has been linked to a myriad of medical issues, ranging from heightened stress to weight gain to depression and a weakened immune system. As a result, certain facilities offer programmes specifically designed to improve the quality of zzz’s. The goal: By bettering the quality and duration of your sleep, you will improve your entire life.
Programmes might focus on internal coping mechanisms through stress management, or external improvements through fitness programmes such as yoga. Most will frequently include massage and meditation, too. 



In this era of constant communication, shutting out (and off) the cacophony of incessant chatter might be the biggest luxury of all. Where digital detoxes have long been a popular trend, 2018 goes one step further: Silence is golden.
At these properties, merely logging off Twitter or not Instagramming a meal is not enough. Here, you can find blissful peace while checking into guestrooms with Wi-Fi blockers, enjoying blindfolded floating massages to mute multiple senses, and taking part in quiet mindfulness sessions and meditative forest walks. 


Get in touch to book your next wellness holiday!

Photo: Sarah Mackie

Photo: Sarah Mackie

The very best of Lake Como


Enjoy 4 nights on Lake Como this October, staying at two of its most luxurious properties.  


como logo 1.jpg

2 Nights at Palazzo del Vice Re

Daily gourmet breakfast buffet
A bottle of local wine served in room on arrival
A walking tour in Bellagio with private guide
A private chef with wine tasting
Boat tour of the Lake Como with lunch at Isola Comacina


como logo 2.jpg

2 Nights at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Daily Buffet Breakfast “With a View” at La Terrazza
Free entrance to Villa Carlotta and its popular botanical gardens
25 minutes of ESPA experience at the Spa
A Dinner at L'Escale Trattoria & Wine Bar










Experience the holiday spirit in Rome & Umbria!

European Winter is a great time to travel in Italy: Rome’s crowds have all but disappeared, the city dazzles with twinkling lights for the holiday season and there are shops with something for everyone on your Christmas list. 

Award-winning destination management company IC Bellagio and Italian luxury trade association Fondazione Altagamma have teamed up to provide behind-the-scenes experiences at iconic Italian brands. With personalized tours of HQs and flagship locations that include ‘off-limits’ areas, meet-and-greets with the inspiring personalities behind the brand and unique tasters (maybe a spin in an Azimut yacht or a sip of a rare vintage at Ornellaia?), you can gain bragging rights to experiences that money simply can’t buy.

Here we’ve put together a sample three-day adventure that gives you Rome all dressed up in its Christmas finest and a day-trip to Umbrian estate of renowned cashmere label Brunello Cucinelli. 

Brunello Cucinelli, Italian luxury creative director and the chief executive of his eponymous made in Italy brand, Brunello Cucinelli.

Brunello Cucinelli, Italian luxury creative director and the chief executive of his eponymous made in Italy brand, Brunello Cucinelli.

Luxury hotel Corso 281, Rome

Luxury hotel Corso 281, Rome

Rome by night

Rome by night

On arrival and departure, our VIP Meet & Greet staff and trusted drivers ensure smooth sailing, while our chosen hotel, Corso 281, provides stylish accommodations in a historic house on the legendary shopping street Via del Corso.

On the first day, you will join our expert local guide for the Campo Marzio Walking Tour, including the Christmas market on Piazza Navona and the “100 Presepi” exhibit on Piazza del Popolo with unique nativity scenes from all corners of the world. Reservations at Antica Trattoria Tritone just steps from the Trevi Fountain give guests a dinner of traditional cuisine alla romana.

On day two, our Altagamma Italian Experience by IC Bellagio at Brunello Cucinelli takes guests into the Umbrian hills to visit the famous cashmere label’s headquarters. With a true Renaissance man like Brunello Cucinelli at the helm, the company’s Solomeo complex was built based on strong humanist ideals like the dignity of work and the pursuit of knowledge. Our guests can look forward to a full immersion in the Brunello Cucinelli world, both in the factory where master artisans create each piece by hand and in the halls of Dottore Cucinelli’s Forum for the Arts. They will also have the chance to dine with top managers in the company canteen and learn more about their unique artistic and artisanal ambitions.

For a fittingly fancy farewell, guests dine at La Terrazza dell’Eden atop the recently renovated Hotel Eden, marveling at Fabio Ciervo’s Michelin-starred cuisine and the sweeping views of the Eternal City.


Oscar-inspired getaways in the USA

The Oscars might be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to relive the glory. Our friends at American Excursionist have 8 unique trip ideas for you to choose from, themed around winners & nominees featured in this year’s Academy Awards.

Have a favourite movie not on the list? Let us custom design a trip based on the film of your choice!


Moonlight – Miami

Visit the sites where the Oscar-winner was filmed, from Virginia Key Beach to the famous Jimmy’s East Side diner! During your journey, meet an extra from the film and learn about Miami’s African American history.

La La Land – Los Angeles

Experience the romantic side of being a young actor in Hollywood. Check out locations from the movie, visit a Hollywood studio set, and chat over coffee with an actor searching for success.

Manchester by the Sea – Coastal New England

Begin with a tour of vibrant Boston before heading to the rugged coast. Experience the best of New England’s picturesque seaside staying in some of America's top Relais & Chateaux properties, fishing its beautiful waters and exploring Manchester-by-the-Sea by land and sea.

Jackie – Washington, DC, Dallas, NYC, and Boston

From New England to Washington DC to Dallas, follow in the captivating footsteps of Jackie Onassis. Get to know her life first-hand as you visit the site of her fairytale wedding, the White House, her husband’s gravesite, and the museum dedicated to that infamous assassination.

Hidden Figures – Washington, DC and Virginia

Immerse yourself in the history of the space program at the NASA facility in coastal Virginia! See the location where the real West Computers worked every day. Head to Washington DC to discover true stories and incredible facts at the new Museum of African American History and Culture.

Florence Foster Jenkins – NYC and Pennsylvania

Relive New York City through the eyes of the famous heiress and socialite! Visit her home, enjoy an opera at the Met, and tour famous Carnegie Hall where she performed! Head to rural Pennsylvania and relax at the Relais & Chateaux property, from where you will visit her birthplace and tomb.

Hell or High Water – West Texas and New Mexico

Go back in time to the days of the Wild West in Texas. Visit Marfa and Big Bend in the high desert, where you will meet real-life outlaws and cowboys! Make your way to New Mexico, where the actual filming took place amid a breathtaking landscape.

Moana – Hawaii

Bring the family to Hawaii and recreate the adventure of Moana! Kayak through turquoise waters, snorkel among colorful fish, and take a helicopter ride to the top of a real volcano as you immerse yourself in the Polynesian lifestyle.

Sully – NYC and Charlotte

See the spot of the “Miracle on the Hudson” from a ferry boat. Meet with the air traffic controllers working on that fateful day. Enjoy a spectacular view of the river from the tallest vantage point in the Western Hemisphere before heading to the flight museum in Charlotte, NC, where the original plane is on display.



I'm delighted to share with you the latest experiences from our friends at Aman, and their destinations around the world.

Aman’s worldwide programme of Wellness Immersions and restorative retreats invites you to combine life-changing travel experiences with personal wellbeing journeys designed to restore a sense of peace and invigorate mind, spirit and body.

We're also pleased to announce a new season of Aman Private Jet Expeditions taking you to the skies, including two Pan-Asia Wellness Journeys in September and November, along with an exciting European journey in September. 



Amid Vinh Hy Bay's inspiring forest-meets-ocean surroundings, Amanoi hosts Wellness Immersions, lasting 3–10 days, throughout the year. The Eastern Approach to Weight Loss Immersion is guided by Chinese Medicine, and focuses on movement, lifestyle and nutrition. The more meditative Movement, Mindfulness and Stress Control Immersion offers a pathway to inner peace through a gentle fusion of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, craniosacral therapy, Reiki and soothing spa and massage treatments. The Longevity, Rejuvenation and Detoxification Immersion counters the effects of stressful modern lifestyles through specialist movement sessions and daily spa treatments, boosting circulation, enhancing the immune and lymphatic systems for a longer, healthier life. Amanoi’s Immersions can be experienced from the resort’s two new Spa Houses. Unique in Asia, these residential retreats include dedicated practitioners and private facilities, including a treatment room, steam room, Jacuzzi and plunge pool, as well as thermal therapies such as a private hammam or banya.



Recently recognised as one of the world’s best spa retreats (Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2017), Aman’s first resort introduces four new residential Wellness Immersions. Focused on different wellbeing goals – fitness, weight management, cleansing and awareness – these tailor-made holistic programmes of daily therapies, treatments and training combine activities including high- and low-intensity yoga, Pilates, Muay Thai, massage, energy healing, meditation and more. The Aman Spa’s resident experts and visiting specialists guide participants on personal wellness journeys lasting from three days to two weeks – with effects that endure long after the flight home.



Combining the Sanskrit word for ‘life’ with ‘veda’, meaning ‘science’, Ayurveda encourages balance, in every sense. Escape to this secret garden estate in India’s rugged Aravalli Hills and reconnect within the rose-pink, Mughal-inspired sanctuary that is Amanbagh. Drawing on India’s remarkable wellness heritage, the two- and three-week-long Ayurvedic Immersions offer a unique experience of this 5,000-year-old system of preventive medicine. An in-house Ayurvedic physician oversees every detail, whether you seek an educational introduction to Ayurveda or a full three-week programme designed to rejuvenate or purify, depending on your personal wellness goals.


From 18 September to 3 October 2017 with Yamuna

From 2 to 15 November 2017 with James D'Silva

Explore a new dimension of wellness above the clouds care of Aman Private Jets, with two wellbeing expeditions, of 15 and 13 nights, taking travellers to the skies this autumn. Join Yamuna Zake, creator of the Yamuna® Body Rolling movement method, aboard an eight-seat aircraft in September. Journeying to Amankila in Bali, Amanjiwo in Borobudur, then Amanpulo in the Philippines and Amanoi in Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam, the trip will instruct you in her method’s keystones: breathing, footwork, and yoga- and Pilates-based movement.

In November, fly across India, Sri Lanka and Thailand with James D’Silva, founder of the Garuda Pilates Method, calling in at Amanbagh, Aman-i-Khás, Amangalla and Amanwella before touching down at Amanpuri. Along the way, you’ll discover temples and tigers, natural spectacles and cultural insights, interwoven with a soul-centring programme of yoga, Garuda Pilates and Ayurvedic healing.

Bonjour Art Lovers!

For any art-lovers heading to Paris this spring, the outstanding new exhibition opening March 3 at the Musée Jacquemart-André is not-to-be-missed. This private collection, amassed by the Spanish Marquise and business magnate, Alicia Koplowitz, includes nearly 50 masterpieces—many of which have never been publicly displayed before.

      The Jacquemart-Andre Museum



The Jacquemart-Andre Museum


The exhibition—From Zurbaran to Rothko—displays works by both ancient masters, such as Canaletto, Guardi, and Goya, and modern ones... Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Picasso, Modigliani and Giacometti. The collection is considered one of the most important in all of Europe.


Image from the exhibition: From Zurbarán to Rothko, Alicia Koplowitz Collection

Image from the exhibition: From Zurbarán to Rothko, Alicia Koplowitz Collection


*The exhibition runs from March 3 to July 10, 2017

*Musée Jacquemart-André

158, Boulevard Haussmann (close to the Champs Elysées)

*Opening Hours: Daily 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Late night opening on Mondays until 8.30 p.m


Housed in the mansion’s former dining room, the Café Jacquemart-André

Housed in the mansion’s former dining room, the Café Jacquemart-André

Special Tip: Housed in the mansion’s former dining room—and called “the most beautiful Tea Room in Paris”—the Café Jacquemart-André serves pastries created by some of the best pastry chefs in the city, as well as light lunches daily. The Sunday brunch here is a Parisian favorite.

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11:45 to 5:30; Sunday 11 to 2:30. The Café is also open until 8:30 p.m. on Mondays during special exhibitions.

NOTE: The public is welcome at the Café; museum tickets are not required.